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Meet Mommy Patty

A warrior like mother who raised three boys all by herself. In 2007, due to lack of money we got evicted and lost her home. She was working as an in home care giver to put food on the table, until her patient passed away. Couple months following she found out she had been diagnosed with a Dis-Ease that rhymes with answer (we don't confess death, we speak life). As she has been in a process of healing (we believe God has healed her already), but practically speaking, we know it's important to do the right things in the physical. She's lived these past two years in a tiny two bedroom apartment with four other people. The room she shares is congested with stuff and no place for a girl. It's not a godly atmosphere and the stress that is caused by the other people hasn't been healthy at all. She needs our help to move, because she can't work right now.

 Cause: Heal in Peace

God presented a huge opportunity to get mommy patty into this beautiful house, but it has to be by June 1st, 2018. We need to get 90 orders by then and we complete our first mission. We truly can make a difference and be a vessel of love, to show how God shows up when we are praying and supporting other believers. Our focus is to move her into this house with a beautiful backyard that she has been dreaming for along with making sure he has a caregiver present. This will allow her to be in a peaceful, godly atmosphere in silence. When she is moved into this house, it will only be an example to the world of what God's Love looks like to others. 


If you would like to get involved with us and make a difference and impact another human beings life, click spread love below or in the top right corner. On behalf of Mommy Patty and God Above All, We thank you in advance.