Here's a sneak peak of the projects we're moving towards achieving. Our intention is to make a positive impact in peoples lives.


project, Vision 

Project Vision: is all about bringing the vision to life it's being achieved by 12 orders of the God Above All Outfits. This is the foundation for our for purpose organization. By achieving this goal the brand will then be in a position to take course and gain its own life to sustain itself, so that people and can be blessed.



Project, shoes for boys

Project Shoes For Boys: is all about surprising at risk youth boys from Martin Luther King Elementary with brand new Nike shoes. They are apart of  a non profit called Engage The Vision. Successful men come together every friday to teach these boys to become kings, and a valuable lesson they can carry on for the rest of their life. We're inspired to make this the first active project because stories have came in, that most of these boys are being raised by single parents who aren't fortunate enough to have extra money due to taking care of responsibilities such as a roof over their head, bills, and food in the fridge. We'll do our part to make sure these boys have new shoes and not ripped.


Project, Coming Soon

Details will be revealed after we accomplish our first two projects.