The Story

All began when I was struggling (me, not the adorable boy genius in the picture). I hit a real low point and lost a lot of passion for life. I felt like I became a nobody and let people down including myself. I wanted to live a better life, but I couldn't break the cycle of struggle. I came across a scripture that read give and you shall receive. There was my problem I wasn't giving. I started to grow closer to God and the deeper the relationship the more good things happened.

I was stuck by divine inspiration to create a something that reminded me to keep God Above All. Something urged me to show up as a giver and create this for a purpose to bless people despite my situation. The cycle of struggle became obsolete with a new focus to use my life to serve others. Thank God, a whole new life unfolded and now me and our team are on our way to making a difference by achieving our first cause: Heal in Peace.

- Founder & Vessel J.Clark (@iamhere2serve)

Our Purpose

And mission is to support causes that need our help. We feel it's our responsibility to use our creations to raise funds to make a difference in peoples lives. Our plan is to show the world God's love one cause at a time.


Our Mission

"Spread love one cause at a time."  


Use 100% of the profits to support a cause, project by project.